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     The idea behind Spoiled Stilettos came to me while I was a busy single mom of three boys  juggling all of life's typical demands and living on a tight budget. Free time to shop was limited and splurging on another pair of high heels,that realistically wouldn't be worn often, was not typical. However, my favorite go-to basic black pumps, though broken in just right, became uninspiring. It was time to get creative. To give them a new look, I started experimenting with different materials and created a simple black ankle strap.

4 girls

     I received many compliments on my stilettos due to their unique look. As I began to tell my "high heel story" ladies shared the same sentiments.  Research found that women only wear 75% of their shoe collection and about 25% of those shoes were worn on a regular basis. Seemingly 25% of their shoes never see the light of day. The most common complaint given were the heels didn't fit right or their stilettos never matched an outfit.


     Why was there not a shoe accessory out in the market place that would allow us to change the look of our high heels in a stylish updated way and not the typical shoe clip your grandmother wore? Working as a corporate buyer and planner, I used my experience in product development and took this idea a step further by designing a universal ankle strap that can easily be transferred from high heel to high heel and is a one size fits all. The special design not only offers women the opportunity to embellish their stilettos but also provides stability and security to loose fitting stretched out heels.  As an added benefit, my fashion straps requires very little storage space and is perfect for traveling or tossing into your day bag for a quick change.

Joann Marie



Living on a tight budget, but addicted to stylish stilettos and keeping up with trends,  I had to maximize what I had. There came the idea for Spoiled Stilettos, fashionable high heel accessories that quickly change the look of your heels and allow anyone to GLAMORIZE your high heel collection while ensuring a SECURE fit!

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